The Aim Of Socialism Must Be Set To Emancipate The Human Race From The Inhumane And Reactionary Forces Of The Multipolar Imperialism!

The Aim Of Socialism Must Be Set To Emancipate The Human Race From The Inhumane And Reactionary Forces Of The Multipolar Imperialism!


by Zhaleh Sahand

While, the left spectrum possesses a solid and comprehensive opposition to the west and its old imperialists, its internal contractions towards the so-called socialist bloc is troubling, and the initiation of a call for assertiveness and transparency in its organizations and their political governance, has arguably been long overdue.

Let us be clear, and make the socialists take notice that it was not the large spectrum of the capitalist nations and the old imperialists that made Stalin as he was and who he became, or brought socialism to its knees wherever it traveled. We must look within. As J.R. Johnson, puts it “The rank and file Stalinists are ignorant for the most part, having been educated in the belief that Marxism is what the Stalinist bureaucracy does or orders”. [1]

And Trotsky, in 1935, 11 years before the J.R. statement was made, explains the function of the rank and file of the Stalin’s party. The “internal corruption and fraud, as its utter inability to assimilate a sincere revolutionist ready to serve obediently, but who refuses to lie.”

Trotsky continues with “Stalin needs apostates, bellowing renegades, people who are shamelessly ready to call black white, who beat their hollow breasts, pathetically, while their minds are actually occupied with pie-cards, automobiles, and summer resorts. The party and the state apparatus is overrun with such swindlers, double-dealers, and corrupt cynics. They are unreliable but indispensable: bureaucratic absolutism which has come into an irreconcilable contradiction with economic and cultural requirements of the workers’ state is in acute need of swindlers ready for anything.” [2]

Who Empowers The Thermidorian Parties From Within

The silence of the rank and file of the party, though to a certain extent it was imposed upon them, with their complicity, enabled Stalin to rule, bring socialism to its knees, and demise all the revolutions in the process of forming and in their early stages wherever have taken place.

The Stalin’s immoral implementations, cult of personality, and political traditions are very well alive today. He bought all the communist parties from the West to the East, from Aisa to the Middle East, and whenever faced a backlash, destroyed the socialist movement and its party, as he wished.

He aimed to plunder the people of Iran, when the “Declaration of the Three Powers,” housed British and the U.S. in the south of Iran, and Russia in the north against Germany, and in the end of the war Stalin did not want to leave Iran. [3] The Iranian regime in order to push Stalin out, who was meddling in the events in its Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, in 1946, it negotiated an agreement with him giving him “for 25 years 51% of the profits will go to Stalinist Russia. Iran will supply the land (and the oil), Stalinist Russia will supply the equipment and wage and salary expenses for the workers, technicians, etc.” [4]. The agreement was annulled in 1947, though, till the 1979 Iranian revolution, before and even after the joint British and the CIA bloody coup of the 1953, the plundering of the oil in Iran was never stopped.

China in Action

And in Chaina, a system that has never positioned itself in the path of socialism as Tony Cliffs puts it “The industrial working class played no role whatsoever in the victory of Mao. Even the social composition of the Chinese Communist Party was completely non-working class. Mao’s rise in the party coincided with its transformation from a working-class party. Towards the end of 1926 at least 66 per cent of the membership were workers, another 22 per cent intellectuals and only 5 per cent peasants. [10] By November 1928, the percentage of workers had fallen by more than four-fifths, and an official report admitted that the party “did not have a single healthy party nucleus among the industrial workers”. [11] The party admitted that workers comprised only 10 per cent of the membership in 1928, three per cent in 1929, 2.5 per cent in March 1930, 1.6 per cent in September of the same year., and virtually nothing at the end of it. [12] From then and until Mao’s final victory the party had no industrial workers to speak of.” [5]

In 2021, Iran signed a 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement with China, investing 400 billion dollars in Iran's economy in exchange for a discounted supply of oil in which both countries have not disclosed its detail yet.

In Iran, in which has the world's second-largest gas reserves after Russia, isolated from the west and as the result is becoming more dependent on markets in the Middle East, gas has been bought from Russia as the result of the country’s mismanagement and lack of technology to produce gas for itself as much as needed.

Russia In Action

On the other hand, in the year 2022, the Russian Gazprom, signed a $40 billion memorandum of understanding (MoU), with Iran, the largest foreign investment in the history of Iran’s oil industry, undertaking the management of its technological, oil, and gas projects. This project with no doubts will establish and maximizes the Russia’s control over Iran’s gas resources when it comes to fruition. [6]

These events are just a selection from the cluster of the political occurrences in Iran, forming major concerns for the Iranian people given the fact that they have a firsthand bloody experience with the old imperialists; Britain and U.S. and the new comers; Russia and China.

On the internal level, which is beyond the scope of this review, at a glance, we can take notice of the decades of systematic repression of democracy, elevation of unlawful behaviors, authoritarian intolerance for dissent, suppression of digital information, prevalence of censorship, arrest, and imprisonment of the human rights defenders that are all the shared current and practices in the above countries, beside the growing ecological crisis developed by China and Iran.

In short, China’s systematic repression has never stopped growing; the suppression of the ethnic and religious minorities, has been detailed in the Amnesty International report. The “Harassment and imprisonment of individuals for practising their religion or beliefs continued. Religious leaders and practitioners, including those belonging to house churches, Uyghur imams, Tibetan Buddhist monks and Falun Gong members, were among those subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention during 2022.

Systematic repression of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and Tibet continued under the guise of “anti-separatism,” “anti-extremism” and “counterterrorism.” Access to both regions was highly restricted, making human rights documentation and reporting virtually impossible. Pervasive surveillance prevented those living there from sharing information about human rights violations,” [7], is staggering.

And the Russia’s decades of the internal and external attacks on oppositions and meddling in the sovereign countries, is far from unknown. To minus its presence on the other parts of the world before the year 1956, its control of all the communist parties of the entire Western Europe, the crush of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, the 1969 involvement in Zhenbao Island, its 6-year involvement in Angola, the 1979 to 1989, invasion of Afghanistan, the 1991 to 1993 involvement in the Georgian Civil war, and now its invasion of Ukraine, and everything else between the 1960 and after, are on its short list. The list can grow longer, if there was a chance to turn attention to it which is beyond the aim of this piece.

All must be said, is that all of these countries not only stepped up their internal repression but they have also exported it to other countries, where in one way or another, their interests, their platforms, and their regional stability is at risk; Hong Kong, Tawan, Syria, Niger and etc.

Iran At A Glance

In Iran, where the partiality of the right comes into question, it either has the right to nuclear power, or no one else has, which is not the question of this article as well, it’s bloody record of extensive brutality along with Syria that “with no hesitations in the use of violence and shedding blood, is struggling to overcome the growing and severe socio-political difficulties that are threatening its political stability and fundamentals in different dimensions” [8], against humanity, can loudly speak for itself. 

The records say that the Iranian regime has killed 438 people between 1978 to 79, in 1990, more than 624 people, from 1991 to 1995, 14794 people, between 1986 to 1987, about 1671 people, between 1981 to 1987, and in the bloody massacre of the 1988, between 3000 to 4482 people, between 2009 to 2010, 152 people, between 2012 to  2013, 553 people-and the list goes on and on, with the names of the people killed, collected and written by Ehsan Fatahi for the Pezhvakiran website in Farsi [9], in which looks to be one of the most complete lists of the people killed by the Iranian regime, and the records produced by the other entities on this matter, might be available in other outlets in English.

A regime with this bloody record, is favored by Rusia, China, Cuba, most of the regimes in the Latin America, and by the all the tankies of the world, that not only consider the regime to be anti-imperialist, but are praising its involvement as the most powerful actor and meddler in every part of the Middle East, from Iraq to Lebanon, and Syria to Palestine, where they have all together completely turned a blind eye to the complicity of their master, the Russia, that “tolerates' Israeli strikes in Syria,” [10], in which has frequently airstrikes/stroked at the Iranian backed militias in the region- the Russian government that according to the report by Guardian, on the September 13, 2022 “has covertly spent more than $300m since 2014 to try to influence politicians and other officials in more than two dozen countries, according to a newly declassified state department cable.”[11]

Who Provides Funds for Corruptions?

The listing of these realities, must now bring us to a comprehensive investigation report published by the New Lines Magazine on January 18, 2022, on the so-called left millionaire mogul, Neville Roy Singham, disclosing that “A monthslong investigation by New Lines can reveal that over the past five years almost $65 million has filtered through various entities connected with people who have defended the Chinese government and downplayed or denied documented human rights violations committed by Beijing against the Uyghur and Turkic Muslim minorities.”[12]

This report, was followed by the New York Times, in a less detailed report, published on Aug 5, 2023, in which as it seems it has thrown those on the mogul’s paylist; People’s Forum, Tricontinental of Vijay Prashad, Code pink, and AIPAC, into deep water. [13]

The NLM, writs though, Jodie Evans of the Code Pink, the Neville Roy Singham’ partner, whose her organization, People’s Support Foundation (PSF), is one of the major channels for donating money to the above entities, beside Medea Benjamin that (both claim to be pro BDS), has heavily invested “in Israeli companies that openly work with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF),” [14], and they have enclosed the names of the companies, among them, the most intriguing name, is the Caterpillar Company that the Evan’s PSF holds stocks with “PSF also holds stocks in Caterpillar, the U.S.-based construction vehicle company that is vociferously opposed by pro-Palestinian activists for aiding in the demolition of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories.” [15]

Another report regarding the same case, by the FashBusters, updated on December 18, 2022, says that “in 2019 Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund (GSPF; EIN: 31-1774905) funneled over $12 million to the People’s Forum, over $12 million to Vijay Prashad’s think-tank The Tricontinental LTD (EIN: 82-2882135), $210,000 to Code pink, and $20,000 to AIPAC (the Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees [a pro-Assad lobbying group] not to be confused with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee which has the same acronym), [16] in which was confirmed by the people’s Forum, has been made by Roy Singham.

The Ethical Response To The Dilemma of Fundings

The unethical behaviors of these so-called leftists bring once again into question their parties’ decades of manipulations, influence, and control over their rank and file, resulting in creating a group of people isolated from the gross reality, entangled in cult of personality, and more harmful than all, sinking them into the state of complicity.

We must ask how left that by conviction has a moral and political obligation to only stay on the side of the truth, is willingly and consciously accepts fund not from the forces of revolution, and from below, but from the above-to obscure truth and cover up the inhuman practices of the countries that beside the old imperialists for decades have given up on socialism and have become just a mockery of it, with a bloody record in causing human suffering for their own people and others.

 Becoming a genuine communist, act upon it, and devote our lives to it, is an act of luminous bravery, it is a conscious choice we make, that requires us to pedestal brevity and clarity in actions, immense amount of political evaluations, reevaluations, critical thinking, self-criticism, honesty, and transparency-and without all these beauties, no one must be allowed to be declared as one.

 In declaring yourselves as communists, we make a choice to consciously utilize our minds, thoughts, and words as a medium to uncover the truth, beautiful or ugly, and share it with the masses of the people, exploited and broken by the cruel capitalism- people who have no ability to find the truth for selves, and we MUST not betray them at any costs by our unending lies and covering up for wrong and authoritarians. Glorifying the inglorious, is dishonorable, and an extreme act of disloyalty to everything that the 1917 October revolution stood for or aimed to stand for.

 The message for these so-called leftists is; if from the position of power, you are covering up the nastiness of all the crimes committed by the putrid and the dying carcasses of capitalism that you call it Socialist, right from your so-called communist platforms, you are just a complicit in position of backing criminality and in position of whitewashing the crimes committed by your masters. And no one, not the NYT, not the Daily Beast, and nor anyone else are doing this against you, but you alone, yourselves, you alone that must be saved from yourselves…and am so pleased that the Red shaming NYT, has done this, that so, you learn a little how to leave up to the expectations of communism; critical thinking, honest reporting, living clean, and proud.

 So, you have been paid by your masters and had no decency to provide public with the sources of your fundings. It has to be pinpointed; that the international comradery calls not only for the international solidarity, but also for fueling funds to your political partners, but that is conditional. A clean record of the ethical and sociopolitical legitimacy and loyalty to the aspirations of the 1917 October revolution is a must. These ground rules no longer exist.

So, you either must not accept the funds, or if you do, with the reservation of your right to critical thinking, you critically support your causes. None of these in your political culture, exists.

Making a living through politics is only the work of the capitalist criminals who are willing to sell their most basic principles by any means available to protect themselves and their platforms. Earning a living through politics is a destroyer…... of the political consciousness, it pushes the pendulum of the moral compass to swing towards corruption; to disgracefulness and not targeting the vileness and the criminality of the entire capitalist system and its colorful players and trappings that your masters are a part.

 If you do not center your tribune in the interests of people, but in the interest of the governments, you will always create a phenomenon through which you will clearly sell what you are asked for and live the life of a cover-up. How many truths have you told the left of the world about the rotten bodies of socialism in Russia and China? How many times have not you revealed the truth to protect yourself and your positions?

As an intermediary between people and the world, you should become a tribune for refining, elevating, and changing human consciousness and minds. Communists should become the agents and the standard bearers of truth and righteousness, not the protectors of the lies and criminality.

And at last, if the U.S. government issues an investigation into your fundings[17], let us all be clear, that the imperialists and the capitalists of all sorts have no credibility or whatsoever to investigate the sold-out boot kissers of their multipolar imperiality and adversaries, when themselves spend millions and millions of dollars to buy the mouthpieces of their own to sell their inhumane and bloody politics to the other side of their spectrum who do not have the minds of their own to investigate truth.

The trankies who brought themselves to shame and drag us all into this disgracefulness, must be dealt with, with no mercy within the left movement only…they are pathetic, soulless, and sold…nothing less than this they deserve, and they have to be confronted with no mercy, or complicity, for above everything and all, the aim of socialism must be set to emancipate the human race from the inhumane and reactionary forces of the multipolar imperialism!


















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