North Africa Hit by the Rotten System

North Africa Hit by the Rotten System

The magnitude 7 earthquake hit Morocco on September 8 causing thousands of people to lose their lives.

The deadliest and most powerful earthquake of the last 60 years occurred in the center of Marrakech, Morocco. It is stated that the high parts of the Atlas Mountains are the most affected.

According to the Spanish search and rescue team, which was the first to reach the region on the third day of the earthquake, the villages with clay and adobe houses on the slopes of the Atlas Mountain were almost completely destroyed. Although the Moroccan government has not reported the exact official death toll so far, it is said that nearly 3 thousand people have lost their lives and the number of injured is increasing. The number of people missing is also quite high.

Additionally, the Moroccan government has received support from many countries, but so far the Moroccan government has only accepted aid from Spain, Britain, Qatar, and the UAE. The reason was that too many teams would create chaos.

Flood or power conflict?; Who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Libya?

Storm Daniel, which hit Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece recently and caused many casualties, also caused a major disaster in Libya.

Benghazi, Beyda, Merc, and Sousse are affected by the disaster. However, Derne, a port city located on the Mediterranean coast of the country, was the city most affected by the disaster. The floods caused by the disaster in the region, which has a population of approximately 100 thousand people, caused the collapse of two dams close to the region, while the water discharged from the dam caused uncontrollable flooding and destroyed everything in the city. While the number of people who lost their lives in the country that fell into chaos after the disaster is stated to be more than 5 thousand, it is stated that the number of people missing is close to 10,000.

But of course, Storm Daniel was not the only reason for this disaster.

As stated by the World Meteorological Organization, it was possible that many of the deaths caused by the flood disaster in the country could have been prevented with advanced early warning systems, but as survivors stated, there was neither a warning system nor an evacuation plan despite the crackling sounds coming from the dam during the disaster. One of the reasons behind all these problems and the disaster turning into a cataclysm is actually the civil war in the country that broke out after the Arab Spring that started in 2011 and the political crisis that is still unresolved and does not seem possible to be resolved...

The power struggle that has been going on since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi has caused Libya to be seriously affected not only by disasters but also by many other situations. Years of war and the dual power situation, on the one hand, collapse the country's infrastructure, and on the other hand, lead to the failure to provide even the most basic public services. As the state apparatus crumbles around imperialist-backed warlords, the Libyan people are left to their own fate in the face of disasters.

Derne, which was most affected by the disaster, has also had its share of this power crisis. The city, which has become the focus of radical Islamist groups, was previously bombed by Egypt and sieged by the Haftar forces. So much so that the teams going for aid and search and rescue already have difficulty reaching the area where there was destruction even before the disaster.