Stand Up Against Violence Towards Women: ISL Campaing for Solidarity with Women in Turkey

Stand Up Against Violence Towards Women: ISL Campaing for Solidarity with Women in Turkey

 Istanbul Convention of Women's Protection against domestic violence has been under the attack of the AKP government in Turkey where at least 3 women are killed every day.  After the brutal murder of Pınar Gültekin two weeks ago, women have been demonstrating and raising voice against the femicide with great anger. The voice of women in Turkey gained international support on social media by a campaign posting black-white photos and solidarity messages to defend Istanbul Convention. On August 5, there were spontaneous protests all across Turkey including Istanbul and Ankara. SEP and the women organization Eşitlik has actively participated the campaign and the demonstrations. 


So as Equality, woman organization of SEP, was on the streets.
Besides the main demand of “Enforcement of the Istanbul Convention”
We did a campaign around the basic demands of working-class women to strengthen them to have the conditions of an independent life.
We demand public women shelters for the women suffer from any kind of violence. 

  • We demand free and qualified kindergartens for children in every workplace and neighbourhoods.
  • We demand policies to enhance women employment!
  • We demand priority in employment for divorced women!
  • We demand income support for women who cannot have alimony!
  • Financial support for the women who do not have any income.

 International campaign of the ISL for the women struggle in Turkey with the #StandUpAgainstFemicide gave important support on social media. The campaigning defends women rights and calls for an anti capitalist struggle for liberation of women.
 Hundreds of activists from all around the world posted their photo for solidarity.

  SEP Leader Gunes Gumus:

MST -Argentina gives a big support to the women struggle in Turkey.

MST leader Cele Fierro:  

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Activists from Sudan: