Solidarity With Eduardo Belliboni

Solidarity With Eduardo Belliboni


Argentinian workers are waging a great struggle against Milei, who came to power amid the rising trend of the far right in the world, guiding the workers of the whole world. The Argentinian people responded to the omnibus bill, which included Mile's anti-worker capital attack and authoritarianism attacks, with a massive protest and strike movement extending from workplaces and neighborhoods to the streets, and threw away the omnibus law with a program of class radicalism. Our comrades, who caused a great defeat to Milei, are being targeted by Milei; They are threatened through the press, the judiciary, and the police.

While the class struggle in Argentina becomes harsher and the ruling class increases its aggression, our Argentine comrades are playing historical roles. Comrade Eduardo Belliboni, the leader of the Polo Obrero organization was personally targeted by Milei, physically targeted, and attacked by the police. Some other Partido Obrero comrades are also facing pressure and arrest from the Milei government because they fought militantly and took important steps that would pave the way for the class struggle.

We convey our highest feelings of internationalist solidarity to our comrades who are raising the revolutionary class struggle against the Argentine ruling class and international capital. Comrade Belliboni, who is leading the struggle of the poor millions and repelled the attack of the most reactionary wing of the ruling class, is not alone!

Long live the militant struggle of the Argentine working class!

Fuera Milei!