Smash Imperialism For a Green World

A balance sheet of Davos Summit held amid bush fires in Australia and climate protest wave.

Smash Imperialism For a Green World

Ecological destruction is so apparent that “green capitalists” make the propaganda about the importance of reducing carbon emissions and stopping global climate change. However, there is not the slightest change in the carbon emission or the profit-centered understanding that causes ecological destruction. The first reason for this is the pressure on the production brought about by global competition and the profit ambition -that makes capitalism capitalism- constantly increases its energy needs. The second is that the historical course of capitalism is industrialization's dependence on fossil fuels. Third, these fuels (coal, oil, etc.) are the least expensive fuels. Fourthly, having these energy resources is identical with being an imperialist power. Considering all these factors, it is obvious that capitalism does not have the capacity to give up fossil fuels and stop the destruction. 

On the one hand, there is the imperialist competition and right wing leaders such as Trum who had withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement and declared that he would not waste his competition with China for the sake of a few greenery. He accused environmental activists of fussing and trying to undermine the US economy with so-called climate change agendas. On the other hand, there are the Green Capitalists who creates the illusion that capitalism can be less harmful by small changes No matter what the two tendencies say, an improvement in the nature of capitalism, which is the enemy of the globe, cannot be expected. At the Davos Summit, which was held tight after the great Australian byshfires, only announced planting of 1 trillion trees to get rid of the critisim and introduced Greta by giving her the chance to speak in the summit. 

If you look at the huge companies attending the summit one by one (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Huawei, Volkswagen, Siemens, Airbus, Total, Deutsche Bank, Gazprom, HSBC, JP Morgan, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Goldman Sach etc.) you can see the top polluters of the world capitalism. Bourgeois hypocrisy is also reflected in Green Peace's, which is nothing but a green mask of the liberalism,report: Some institutions participating in Davos have invested $ 1.4 trillion in fossil fuels since the Paris Climate Agreement. While even this is a serious hypocrisy, there are very important problems in the report's approach to the climate problem. A “fossil fuels” centered approach to climate change and environmental destruction is extremely lacking. Because this approach takes, only the existing energy needs and predicts the transition to “renewable” energy sources. This form of propaganda is very useful for capitalism. Because:

1-The need for energy production and conssumption pumped by imperialist competition must be rejected. Without a planned economy on the basis of the real needs of humanity can have the capacity to reduce the energy. For example, the individual transportation concept imposed by the automobile industry must be abolished. But capitalism is trying to turn this into a market opportunity with electric "green" vehicles. Tesla's shares have more than doubled since September. So-called ecologists announce this as an ecological revolution. By producing the same amount of “green cars”, you are consuming other resources and destroying nature through other raw materials that only change the direction of the destruction. Resources are used not for the needs of people, but for the profitable sectors of bosses.

2- Investing in renewable energy does not make capitalists green. Renewable energy from hydroelectric power plants, wind turbines, solar panels or geothermal sources are only a small part of the capitalist production. These are the top 10 countries that use renewable energy: Sweden, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Scotland, Germany, Uruguay, Denmark, China, Morocco, USA, and Kenya.
This is just a “showcase” because China and the USA are still the top carbon emission countries. And the rest are too small economies to effect the global tendencies. 
3- Switching to renewable energy does not have very deep contradictions with the interests of the countries where do not have oil (such as European capitalists). European capitalists who invest in this sector, support climate actions and use the popularity. They can this when the movement is limited with  reducing carbon emission and responsibility of individuals perspective. For the largest industrial countries of the world, USA and China, this is not so easy. However, both are installing solar panels in huge areas. On the other hand, the USA produces its own oil from shale gas still it is costly. Turning to alternative energy sources is an area of investment and competition for the bourgeoisie. If they overcome the high investment cost problem, they can exploit the entire planet in a green way.

4- Renewable energy does not mean not to harm nature, the main problem is to reduce the need for energy most of which is used for the non essential and unnecessary production. For example, even solar panels are not a "clean" energy in the hands of capitalism. Cheap solar panels in China contain heavy metals. It is established on large agricultural lands, causing energy bosses to occupy agricultural lands. To keep these large panel farms alive, tons of water is used at the expense of drying large agricultural areas. These cases occur in various parts of the USA. HEPPs are supposedly “clean” but we know that the result is the destruction of the water sources and all life around it. The imperialist countries, which fill everywhere with wind turbines to meet the high energy needs of the industry, cause serious damage to the life of living things. So, finishing carbon emissions is not an issue. Even the most "innocent" energy resources turns into a monster in the hands of capitalism which 

5-  We witness a hot imperialist competition between China and the US. This competition on the resources of the Earth and the global market share puts enermous pressure on production and energy, and trigers military operations. Big economies such as Brasil and India excellerate ecological destruction to fullfill the needs of the imperialist competition under far right governments. So, if we want to take a step to a green world, we have to end this global-scale looting and destruction. 

"Environmental sensitivities" at the Davos Summit consist of a panel to showcase Greta. The leading global capitalists and politicians are not very much concerned with the disaster where the planet is running. They have been pursuing an image just by “pretending to be” because for more than a year major climate actions have taken place in different parts of the world (especially in the metropolises of developed capitalist countries). And it seems that this type of protest activism has no power of enforcement over system. We have to make an revolutionary intervention to the problem of the environmental destruction and the mobilizations. What we have seen in the climate protest wave is very strong liberal tendency. However, we the revolutionaries have to show that this is a class issue. This is about fighting against the capitalist organization of the society and production that can only be stopped by the power of the working class. Because this trend cannot be reversed without taking radical measures against the climate problem and all kinds of environmental destruction.  What is to be done is not changing the individual consumption models or only putting pressure on the institutions etc. for a political change. What is to be done is giving struggle for revolution and abolishment of the capitalist production which is the top responsible for environmental destruction. Working class has to decide the all process of the production such as the amount of production, the location of production, the source of energy used in production, and the type of raw material etc. The bourgeois liberals and non-governmental organizations, which advised millions of workers who have no say in these areas to change their consumption patterns, spread a completely false consciousness. An environmental struggle that does not target capitalist system and does not reject capitalism will always be very useful for the imperialist system. 

Capitalism has the capacity to adapt to new models and gain profitability from here, but due to the course of historical development, it is also dependent on fossil fuels. While the continent of Australia is blazing, glaciers are melting dangerously, hurricanes are hitting poor Asian and African countries the only solution to save the world is to fight against capitalism. The focus should be on the basis of wars and polluter industries making a profit for a handful of bosses. There is no future for the planet and humanity without this order being opened to questioning.