Argentina: down with the persecution of those who defend the Palestinian people!

Approved at the international virtual meeting on 16/12 by PO (Argentina); SEP (Turkey); NAR (Greece); Fuerza 18 de Octubre (Chile); Agrupación Vilcapaza and MST-P (Peru); Occhio di clase (Italy); Política Revolucionaria and Tribuna Classista (Brazil); and İnqilabin Sesi (Azerbaijan).

Argentina: down with the persecution of those who defend the Palestinian people!

In a context of massive international solidarity with the Palestinian people, the struggle for this cause in Argentina has been met with a reaction from Zionism, which seeks, under the protection of the state, to criminalise the fighters.

Cristian Diaz, a metalworker from the district of Florencio Varela, is imprisoned in the Marcos Paz prison for having demonstrated in favour of the Palestinian people. Heber Hernandez, a militant of the PSTU, was imprisoned (already released) for having spoken out in the same sense. Leftist leaders and activists have suffered multiple threats. One of the most serious was the one launched by the fascist Zionist organisation Betar against Partido Obrero.

A few weeks ago, the deputy and militant of Partido Obrero, Vanina Biasi, was criminally denounced by the public prosecutor Carlos Stornelli for having declared herself in favour of the struggle of the Palestinian people against the genocidal state of Israel.

The criminal case follows a hearing on Monday 27 November in the National Congress, promoted by the deputies of the Frente de Izquierda, in solidarity with Palestine and in denunciation of the genocide. More than 200 human rights defenders (Nora Cortiñas, Mother of Plaza de Mayo, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, among others), from the Palestinian and Arab communities, and from social, cultural, trade union and political organisations that support this cause, attended the hearing.

After this, the deputy Sabrina Ajmechet (PRO-macrism), paradoxically president of the “freedom of expression” commission, submitted a request for repudiation to Congress against the hearing (pretending to dictate which issues it could discuss and which, such as support for Palestine, it could not) and another against Vanina Biasi, one of the most active voices for this cause in the country.

In order to confuse, they place an equal sign between Zionism and Judaism, so that any denunciation and questioning of Zionism is presented as an anti-Semitic act. But they are two absolutely different things. In the case of Zionism, it is a state entity, based on the expulsion and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Judaism, on the other hand, expresses a multitudinous culture and a worldwide community, where currents with varied and different political, intellectual and even religious points of view coexist, including many young people and workers who claim to be anti-Zionist and have been raising their voices against the Zionist massacre.

We, the organisations gathered on December 16, 2023, pronounce ourselves against the persecution of the government and the Argentinean state against the workers and activists who condemn the action of the Zionist state, as well as the persecution and intimidation campaign that is being carried out all over the world.

Freedom for Cristian Diaz.

Dismissal of prosecutor Stornelli’s case against Vanina Biasi. No to her prosecution.

Defending the struggle of the Palestinian people and condemning the state of Israel is not anti-Semitism.

Defence of freedom of opinion and expression. Repudiation of the Macrist deputy Ajmechet.

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