Resistance Against Imperialist Operation; Forward for a Break from Maduro!

Resistance Against Imperialist Operation; Forward for a Break from Maduro!


In Venezuela, pro-USA right opposition has started an imperialist operation against Maduro government with active support of the White House. Head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, declared himself “interim president” during a protest organized by the right forces. Trump immediately declared his recognition of so-called “new president.” The tension is increasing. Guaido and USA calls for a coup d’état.

In order to develop a revolutionary attitude, we need to explain the circumstances of Venezuela first. Starting from the last years of Chavez, Venezuela has been in an economic crisis depending on the Chavismo’s reformist program. The economic crisis turned into a legitimacy crisis of Chavismo. After Maduro took the power, the deep economic and political crisis hit the country. Hyperinflation, famine, scarcity of basic needs and increasing poverty… Rightist opposition raised its voice with the active support of big capitalists of Venezuela and USA with the opportunity of Chavismo in crisis.

Even under these circumstances, Maduro was not in favor of a working class radicalism. Instead of organizing poor masses and working classes against the crisis and imperialist forces, he suppressed every opposition to his power. He arrested trade union leaders, socialist revolutionaries. There are many leftist in the prison now; our friends who are members of Marea Socialista are also among them.

Working class of Venezuela and Latin America have no interest to defend Maduro government. Maduro government is an enemy of the Venezuelan working class.

However, any alternative of the right and imperialist capitalist forces cannot be accepted. The right leaded by Guaido aims to destroy all the gains of the working classes that are won by the masses itself throughout the decades. Therefore, their discourses of freedom and democracy is a big lie. In addition, at the end of the day, the result will be a deep inclusion of imperialism.

The urgent task of Venezuelan working class is to resist against this right, imperialist operation with its own means. In order to repel this attack, masses should break from Maduro’s program.

Venezuelan people are now face with the urgent need to develeop its own struggle methods under the leadership of working class. Imperialist operation or a possible coup d’état should be defeated. Moreover, this energy should be directed against Maduro government around a revolutionary program.

If Chavist regime wants to defeat this imperialist operation, it should oil the wheels of the struggle of working class. The government should renounce its power and arm the working class. There is no alternative to defeat this attack.

All the arrested revolutionary socialists and trade union leaders should be released immediately to organize the resistance.

Venezuelan workers must organize their resistance committees in their workplaces and develop their own struggle means.

USA and pro-imperialist opposition hands off!

Forward for a Break from Maduro!