SEP Declaration: On the Palestinian Resistance

SEP Declaration: On the Palestinian Resistance

On the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, an operation called Al-Aqsa Mosque Flood was launched from the Gaza Strip by the actors of the Palestinian resistance, especially Hamas, against the Zionist Israeli regime, both by air and by land. While it was stated that 5,000 missiles were fired against Israeli targets in the attacks launched from the air, some military targets belonging to the Zionist Israeli regime, especially in the city of Sderot, were captured by the Palestinian resistance in the land attacks. While many Israeli soldiers and civilians were captured in the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, supported by the Palestinian people who have been blockaded by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip for years, many civilians lost their lives.

What happened shows that the wars that have been going on for years in the Middle East will continue and deepen. First of all, it should be stated that one of the main perpetrators of the conflict processes in the Middle East today is the Zionist regime, which is stuck in the region like a wedge by imperialism. If there is to be a moral debate today about the civilians killed and captured following the attacks on the Palestinian people; It should not be forgotten that the pedigree of the massacre, ethnic cleansing, and occupation policies carried out by the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people since 1948 makes this discussion meaningless from the beginning. These outbreaks of violence will inevitably exist as long as the Zionist Israeli regime exists in the Middle East. For us, considering the policies of occupation and massacre that the oppressed Palestinian people are faced with, it would not be a revolutionary attitude to question the legitimacy of their resistance.

There is only one word to be said today: The Zionist Israeli regime must be destroyed. As long as the Israeli state exists, the door to bloody conflicts in the Middle East will always remain open.

Moreover, it is obvious that the liberation of all oppressed peoples in the Middle East, especially the oppressed Palestinian people, will not be possible under the current order. Capitalism has become unable to survive without wars, massacres, and ethnic and religious conflicts. It is obvious that the current actors, especially Hamas, who direct the Palestinian resistance today do not have a solution horizon that goes beyond capitalism and cannot end the climate of constant war that the peoples face. Palestine's just cause can only come through the united socialist struggle of workers throughout the region against local bourgeoisie, dictators, and imperialism. The construction of a revolutionary alternative that will ensure fraternization among the peoples of the Middle East stands before us as an urgent task.

We salute the resisting Palestinian people and shout once again that we will expand the struggle to create the Socialist Middle East Federation!