ISL Statement on Sudanese Revolution Brutally Repressed

ISL Statement on Sudanese Revolution Brutally Repressed

We condemn the massacre has been led by the army!

Forward to a general strike, worker councils and a working class militia!

In Sudan, the troops of military and police forces massacred the masses in order to repress Sudan Revolution in Hartum on June 3. In the early hours of Monday, Transitional Military Council (TMC) dispatched the paramilitary forces called “Rapid Support Power” (RSF) from the engagement areas of the eastern Sudan and Darfur, in order to mount an attack with real bullets against the camp of protestors.

The protestors had been staged a sit- in in front of Ministry of Defense in Hartum and the RFS troops with the desert camouflage massacred 100 protestors there. Some of the killed ones had been cut into pieces with machetes and the corpses had been thrown in the Nile River. RSF militia explicitly raped many women as a response to the women’s high level participation in the revolution. This is a clear message from the Sudanese and Middle Eastern bourgeois reactionism of to all women! The murderers were scared by the awakening of the working class, the women and the youth. And they hate this awakening. In addition to this, The Sudanese Doctors’ Committee announced the number of wounded people as 326.

The massacre followed the general strike movement in Sudan. The airport workers, the port workers, and employees of many ministries declared their loyalty to the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), which organized general strike movement. The advanced level that the Sudan Revolution reached caused huge expectations not only in Sudan but also in all Middle East among the laborers and the youth. However, unfortunately, the SPA did not present any alternative to the people except from bargaining with TMC since they do not have a worker power perspective. Because of this obstruction, the bloody counter-revolution could find the opportunity to organize a massacre.

The illusions that the current regime in Sudan, which depends on the interest alliance of a bunch of capitalist, warlord generals and corrupted high bureaucracy and big imperialist Powers, can evolve to democratic parliamentary regime opens the way to supression of the revolution. The suppression of the revolution in the halfway is inevitable without a perspective of building a workers’ council and militia inside the general strike movement and protest wave which can lead all the laborers and petit bourgeoisie. In other words, it is impossible to move forward without a revolutionary road map. In this content, SPA which leads the Freedom and Change Forces (FFS) must break away from Islamist counter revolutionaries such as the National Umma Party, which is loyal to the old regime, and also taking part in the FFS .

Besides the TMC, which organized the massacre, ISL condemns those states of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Arab Emirates supported counter-revolution as enemies of the people. All the peoples of the world must know that US imperialism is behind all this bloody operation. The military power in Sudan is not anything but a backyard of Saudi Arabia, which is also a puppet of the US. The Sudan Army gives military support to the Saudi’s dirty war in Yemen. Imperialism aims to establish a Sudanese regime like the regime of Sisi in Egypt. The biggest fear of imperialist capitalist system is the possibility that Sudan Revolution can influence in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt creating a big strike and protest wave. Therefore, the bloody counter- revolution will take any brutal action to terminate the Sudan Revolution.

The Sudan Revolution has not been defeated yet. The striker workers and protestors must refuse the process of bargaining with the junta leaders, must be prepared to indefinite general strike with the perspective of workers’ power and must be prepared to organize a revolutionary militia. That is the only way to defeat the public enemy generals and imperialists. It is clear that such a perspective will spread the revolution fire to all North Africa.

We invite all the Sudanese and North African revolutionaries who want to act in accordance with this program to get in touch with the ISL.

One Solution Permanent Revolution

Death to Imperialism and Collaborator Public Enemies!