Endless Banditry of the US in the Middle East

Endless Banditry of the US in the Middle East

US imperialism puts a reward for what they have declared guilty like a lawless sheriff of the town, then it cancel them out with extrajudicial executions when the time comes. Then it proudly announces these murders to the world. Like the sheriff of town, the US imperialism is the biggest bandit of the world. This should be the starting point for class-conscious laborers on issues.

In the Western films, the town sheriff was supposed to manage everything with a pistol, but now the drones are doing it with sudden and relentless attacks from the air. US imperialism has enormous killing machines. Gaddafi was probably a terrible person on the death list, but after his death, Libya never recovered. After Saddam, Iraq is the same… Last night, the next targets were the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Jerusalem Force, Qasim Suleimani, and the leader of the pro-Iranian Hashdi Shabi organization, Abu Mehdi al-Mohandes. With this assassination, the USA carried the tension in Iraq to the highest point. It is certain that after these assassinations, things will get worse in Iraq and the Middle East.

Trump is taking the advantage of the assasinations by saying that he killed Baghdadi first and then Soleimani.   These kind of shows are familiar to us. Trump immediately tweeted a US flag. What a cheap nationalism!  However, these attacks makes the Mullah regime stronger while it has been struggling against the popular mass movement in both Iran and Iraq. If the Mullah regime does a act foolishly and declare a war, it just lose face due to the death of Soleimani. The positions of  Soleimani and El Mohandes are easily replaceable. But what is important is the weakening of the popular movements in Iran and Iraq. It is known that US aggression gives new credit to the Mullahs in Iran. Repelling the Mullahs in Iran has to be the work of laborers and young people. US imperialism must go away!

What if Iran tries to respond to this attack? Whatever imperialism does, it harms the poor people of the Middle East badly.  In wars they will die, they will become impoverished, they will burn in the fire of ethnic and religious hatred…

In the Middle East, the masses want jobs, want bread, and want a decent life. For this, they take to the street, fight and pay the price. However, these demands cannot exceed the high and hard walls of the imperialist capitalist system. It will not be possible to move forward without targeting the system altogether and trying to create an internationalist labor movement. Without this perspective, mass movements will have an inevitable limit. Because there is no socialism perspective, the tremendous energy in Iraq is squeezed between Iran and the US, losing direction and losing momentum…

As a result, we face that fact: Permanent Revolution or a Blood Bath!