A Provocation to Begin? What to do?

A Provocation to Begin? What to do?

Everything is blurred. There have been only a few times in Turkey’s history when everything is crystal clear, but at certain times this brume intensifies. Nowadays it breeds up a storm. Before the attack on HDP’s provincial office in İzmir and Deniz Poyraz was murdered, not only the left but also those who get involved in dirty jobs had increased the warnings. Sedat Peker, a famous mafia leader who was expelled, emphasized the upcoming major provocations in each video. Mehmet Eymür, former head of the counter-terrorism department of MIT (National Intelligence Service), stated the following warning: “There was no such scandal in the 90s. That always happened here, but not as public as it is now. Now I see the same names, the same things being mentioned again. The end of this road is political murders.”

As everyone is aware, the social base of the one-man regime is melting. Even now, it ceased to be a one-man regime and has turned into the Erdoğan-Bahçeli (fascist party leader) coalition. Erdoğan has no room for maneuver in this equation. On the other hand, the economic crisis continues to hit the country and the AKP regime. Moreover, the economy is expected to worsen, let alone improve. AKP has lost its support from the youth. As a result, the idea that “Erdoğan cannot get 50% of the votes” has become a common opinion once again.

At this point the questions come in: Will the AKP regime accept a defeat? Are they going to just wait for a blatant election defeat? This is the starting point of the prediction that the provocations will intensify and we will experience a dark period like we had gone through after June 7, 2015. It’s not just about that. It has been known that the AKP has been aligned with illegal formations, gangs, deep state residues, and its own formations such as SADAT, which is a foundation train paramilitary forces,  for a long time. With Peker’s revelations, these affiliations emerged sensationally.

The New Plantation of the Fascist Killers: Syria

There has always been a young far-right base in Turkey, who are filled with hatred through the rallying cry of homeland-nation-religion, and quite apt to be used and shed blood. The Grey Wolves (Ülkü Ocakları) took in great tasks for the imperialist-capitalist system on the way to September 12, 1980 coup d'etat. Later, this base was reconstructed, provoked, and used with the Kurdish issue. These triggermen, who were constantly provoked, patted on their backs with statements like “you’re a hero” and holding a gun, murdered Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in 2007 in Istanbul. It was revealed that Erhan Tuncel, who played a central role in Hrant’s assassination, was a member of the Trabzon Police Intelligence Bureau. Much other information revealed in the Hrant assassination proved that the state was at the center of these dirty things. It has always been like that. Fascist hitmen never took action on their own. They were either directly pushed, encouraged; or the murder plans were known but never prevented, intentionally.  Are we going to believe the “lone wolf” story now? There are already serious allegations about the SADAT connections of the murderer Onur Gencer, who killed Deniz Poyraz.

According to the allegations, Onur Gencer had been given armed training by SADAT in Syria. Now it is quite visible that Syria had turned into a killer training center. It is known that people with aggressive tendencies, filled with ultra-nationalist, racist-sectarian ideas, are used by the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) in Syria. These people found a place in there to actualize their fanatical tendencies. Some died there in the battles. There is no doubt that such people, whose psychology is already broken, become very sick in a conflict environment. The dirty relations in the north of Syria, the source of money in guns and oil smuggling, on one hand, leads to AKP, while on the other hand, it paves the way for the budding of mafia formations. One of those who has been grown in this center is Serkan Kurtuluş, who is also from İzmir. The name of Kurtuluş, which is used by MIT, is mentioned in crimes such as the murder of the Russian pilot, kidnappings, and murders. It is possible to follow his confessions by phone from the prison where he was imprisoned in Argentina, on Ahmet Nesin’s YouTube channel. Syria is not only a place where all kinds of dirty works are done but also an important place for the development of fascist terrorism.

From Now On

It is clear that we need to be on alert for the future. There is a clear awareness of these provocations in public opinion due to true life experiences. After the attack in İzmir, although the protests were limited due to the present conditions and provocation concerns, great solidarity with the HDP was shown on social media. In this sense, it is even possible to say that the attack backfired in the first place, but the main concern is that this attack is a start. Will this continue? If so, how severe will it be? We can say that there is a consciousness in society based on experience and from the literacy of politics. In particular, there is a long-standing experience in attacks against Kurds and the HDP. Experiences of 2015 are very fresh. PKK reprisals, bombs exploding in the cities, dying people maybe wanted and expected. Those who organize these plans may even resort to using fake flags. The Kurdish movement has a great responsibility to avoid these provocations.

On the other hand, dark forces may not use the same tactics this time. ISIS has weakened a lot and has come to a different position since 2015. Therefore, the means, methods, and targets may vary. Possible provocations against the Alevi people mentioned by mafia leader Sedat Peker may trigger the accumulated anger of the many years. It is obvious that the issue is very sensitive and self-protection measures should be taken. Assassinations against CHP or HDP politicians are possible. The socialists must also take their own precautions. It is clear that the state apparatus cannot be relied upon.

The sure remedy for such provocations is the organization and actions of the working class. By all means, we need to increase our struggle for the development of this force. Unfortunately, we cannot make a leap overnight, but we can only win tomorrow in this way. Organized and conscious workers can repel these provocations. There are many examples in history. We must focus on working, being alert and taking our own safety measures, for the sake of future beautiful days.